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Alberta Small Business Resources

Alberta Small Business Resources is a directory of business resources for new and established entrepreneurs.

Small Business in Alberta

Starting a business

What to consider before starting or buying a business.

Operating a business

How to effectively keep a business running, increase productivity, expand, close or sell a business.

Funding a business

Explore different ways to fund your business, including loans, grants and finding investors.

Regulations for small businesses

Find information on Acts, Regulations, licenses and permits that may apply to your business. Different legislations, licenses and permits may apply to different types of businesses, making it important to speak with a legal advisor to ensure you are compliant.

Resources for small business

View resources for starting, operating and funding your business

Small business calendar

View statutory holidays in Alberta.

Canada Day
A country-wide holiday celebrating July 1, 1867, the day Canada officially became a nation with its own constitution.
Heritage Day
Celebrated on the first Monday in August, this optional holiday recognizes our province's rich heritage and cultural diversity.
Labour Day
A federal statutory holiday held on the first Monday of every September.
A federal holiday celebrated on the second Monday of every October.

Related Information

Small Business

The 2014 Small Business, Big Impact: Alberta Small Business Profile provides useful statistics about the contributions made by small businesses to the provincial economy and their roles in some of Alberta’s important and growing industries.

Alberta Economic Dashboard

Alberta's most important economic indicators, in one place. You can either get a quick snapshot of our current economic state, or explore specific indicators in detail.

Canada-Alberta job grant

Can’t find workers with the skills you need? Consider training new or current employees through the Canada-Alberta Job Grant.

Connectica Self-Serve Tool

Connectica is a new self-service tool for SMEs and service providers to connect with other provincial innovators.