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Funding a businessGrants

Explore government funding programs that support small business development and growth in Alberta. Below are some of the publicly-funded grant programs that may be available to support your business.

Agribusiness grants

provincial level resource Alberta livestock and meat industry market development program

Grants supporting consumer awareness, competitiveness and profitability, domestic and international market development, and leadership and industry engagement programs.

provincial level resource Alberta livestock and meat research and development program

Grant assistance supporting basic and applied research initiatives that further the Alberta Livestock and Meat Agency's research priorities.

provincial level resource Alberta crop industry development fund

Funding for projects in the agriculture and food industries, with a specific focus on expanding Alberta market opportunities.

federal level resource Matching investment fund for dairy projects

Encourages growth and innovation in the manufacturing and use of dairy products and ingredients. Priority is given to projects emphasizing the use of milk protein concentrate or skim milk powder.

provincial level resource Agri-processing product and market development - livestock/crop

Helps processors, producers and producer groups invest in new and innovative ways to get Alberta-made products into new markets.

provincial level resource Business opportunity grant

Reimburses between 50-75% of some non-capital costs related to researching and planning a new business venture.

provincial level resource Confined feeding operation (CFO) stewardship

Helps livestock operations assess and manage potential risks to water quality.

provincial level resource Food safety systems producer program

Helps food processors invest in new or improved food safety systems and production practices.

provincial level resource Irrigation efficiency

Helps irrigation producers invest in new or upgraded low-pressure center pivot (LPCP) equipment.

provincial level resource Livestock welfare

Helps meat processors improve animal handling and ensure humane slaughter at provincially or federally licensed meat and poultry facilities.

provincial level resource On-farm water management

Provides technical assistance to producers completing a long-term water management plan, while also sharing the cost of related enhancements to their on-farm water supply.

provincial level resource On-farm energy management

Shares the cost of investments that improve energy efficiency on Alberta farms.

provincial level resource Wildlife damage compensation PDF, 125kb

Compensates Alberta producers for damage to stacked hay caused by deer, elk, moose or antelope.

provincial level resource Agricultural initiatives program

Funding encourages improvements to agriculture and the quality of life in the agricultural community, and facilitates rural development.

provincial level resource Growing forward program for agricultural businesses

Programs and services available for the agriculture, agri-food and agri-products industry.

Innovation and commercialization grants

provincial level resource Energy and environment innovation funding programs

Funding and other supports for small businesses working to convert Alberta's natural resources into market-ready, environmentally-responsible energy.

provincial level resource Alberta-Germany collaboration fund

This program supports Alberta small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) undertaking joint innovative product development projects with German SMEs. Projects involving products and/or technology-based services or methods in all technological and application areas with strong market potential are eligible for consideration.  

provincial level resource Agriculture, food and forestry funding programs

Programs that support the growth of Alberta businesses focused on research and innovation.

provincial level resource Agrivalue fund

Investments made through this program support the development of new and enhanced food and wellness products, bioproducts and enabling technologies. 

provincial level resource Industry commercialization associates program

Helps companies recruit skilled business professionals with technology commercialization expertise.

provincial level resource Micro-vouchers, vouchers and product demonstration grant

These programs support early to late stage technology and knowledge-driven SMEs operating in Alberta, as they advance towards technology readiness. Depending on their needs, eligible companies can apply for funding up to $300,000 to help hire third-party services and/or equipment.

provincial level resource Technology industry funding for small business

Programs that support the growth of Alberta small businesses focused on research and innovation.

Cultural industry grants

provincial level resource Individual arts project grants

Supports the development of individual Alberta artists, traditional Aboriginal artists, arts administrators and artist ensembles by providing a grant for a specific project.

provincial level resource Arts organization operational grants

Supports the annual operating expenses of some of Alberta's arts organizations and companies, including theatre and performing arts organizations, public art galleries and community arts organizations.

provincial level resource Arts organizations project grants

Helps Alberta arts organizations, companies and/or schools by providing grants for specific arts-related projects.

provincial level resource Alberta production grant

Production funding provided as a grant against eligible production expenses incurred in Alberta. The province contributes up to 30% of all eligible Alberta expenses, up to $5 million per project.

provincial level resource Project script development grant

Supports Alberta writers, directors and producers by providing financial assistance towards the creation of quality, marketable and commercial production-ready projects and/or scripts.

provincial level resource Media organization operating grant

Helps Alberta-based companies that produce books, eBooks, magazines or sound recordings. Grants may be used to assist with all normal operating expenses.

provincial level resource Media organization project grant

Helps Alberta-based companies engaged in the production of books, magazines or sound recordings, as well as some screen-based projects.

provincial level resource Media support organizations operating grant

Helps Alberta-based organizations that provide support to producers of books, magazines, screen-based productions and sound recordings.

Export Support Grants

provincial level resource Export Support Fund

Grants designed to ease the cost of exporting. Eligible Alberta companies will be reimbursed between $2,000 and $20,000 per year for a select range of approved export activities.

federal level resource CanExport

CanExport will provide up to $50 million over five years in direct financial support to small and medium-sized enterprises in Canada seeking to develop new export opportunities, particularly in high-growth priority markets and sectors.