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Operating a businessBusiness operations, growth and productivity

Find information about being competitive, business productivity, marketing and promotions, contract opportunities and privacy considerations.

Marketing and promotions

federal level resource Promoting and advertising a business

Find information about marketing tools, including advertising, websites, online marketing and social media.

federal level resource Branding basics

Read information about how to build a brand for your business.

federal level resource Social media marketing

Find out how to create a social media strategy and measure the results.

federal level resource Using signage

Learn about using signage as an advertising tool.

federal level resource Marketing, advertising and sales regulations

This overview provides information about key regulations, permits and licenses relating to marketing, advertising and sales.

provincial level resource Consumer services information

Tip sheets and other resources for Alberta consumers.

federal level resource Canada's anti-spam law

If you use electronic channels to promote or market your organization, products or services, Canada's new anti-spam law may affect you.

federal level resource What you need to know about anti-spam laws

What you should know about Canada's new law and how to comply with it.

Doing business with government

provincial level resource Alberta purchasing connection

The Alberta Purchasing Connection (APC) is a convenient online tool for the tendering of public sector opportunities for goods, services and construction. Alberta public sector purchasers use the APC to advertise procurement opportunities, while vendors use it to seek opportunities to sell their products or services.

Growing your business

provincial level resource Grow to greatness program for women entrepreneurs

A 10-month program that brings together like-minded women to learn about business operations and strategic planning for growth, including intensive leadership development, business skills development and coaching in a facilitated peer group setting.

provincial level resource Growing your business

See information about business growth strategies, such as franchising, exporting and purchasing another business.

provincial level resource Connecting to contracts program for women entrepreneurs

This program is designed to help high growth companies expand, opening doors to corporate and government contracts and access to new markets in Alberta, Canada and around the world.

provincial level resource Conferences for women entrepreneurs

These annual business leadership conferences help women entrepreneurs learn, connect and be inspired.